Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ironing Pad for a Banquet Table

This project has been sitting untouched for about 3 months.  I made one of these 4 months ago for a charity group  that I sew with every month.  This is like a Big Board only a whole lot easier to make a store.  A couple dozen ladies come to every bee so two ironing surfaces are needed AND the facility we sew at does not give us storage for ironing boards.  So we needed something that was easy to transport back and forth the bees.

It wasn’t in the UFO pile very long.  Which makes me wonder… How long do you go without working on a particular project before it is considered an UFO?  I’ve never heard of a time rule being in the Quilt Police Rule Book!

If you have stumbled on this blog post and think your charity group (or yourself!) would Like to make one drop me a note and I'll share with you how I did it.


  1. i have been thinking about doing this but didnt know where to start. Could you please share your secrets. I was going to use the 4 ft table just cuz its a little smaller. Geat Idea

  2. This banquet table ironing cover was made using a layer of cotton batting and a layer of Insul-Bright sandwiched between muslin and Therma Flex Heat Resistant fabric, you know, that silver stuff that is used for hot holders. Don't use the quilted kind. Those were all cut an inch or so larger than the table top. They were spray basted together just for ease in handling. For the casing (or border in quilt speak) I used cotton fabric cut into nine inch wide strips. The strips were sewn together into two pieces long enough for each long side. After those were sewn on I then sewed on the short sides. I rounded the corners and folded the raw edge over 1-1/2 inches and sewed along the raw edge leaving and opening that I could run elastic through. The idea here is to create what resembles a fitted bed sheet. I then used a braided trim to make straps to hold it tight across the table top (any kind of tie-able product would work for this even shoe strings). I sewed three long pieces evenly spaced on both long sides. Those are pulled across the underside of the table and tied together to hold the cover tight and smooth.
    Hopefully I have rambled through this well enough that you can get the idea well enough to make one. Let me know if you need anything explained better. Have FUN!