Sunday, August 12, 2012

Everyone Loves A Bed Turning

A few days ago a friend, Cathy Witske, had a few of us quilty gals over for a Bed Turning.  Cathy has been making quilts for a long time and has a pretty impressive pile of quilts to show for her years of work.  Since I’ve known Cathy her mission has been to make a dent in her SCRAP collection.  She does such a GREAT job of using scraps I thought I’d share with you a few of the quilts in her finished pile.  I also snapped a picture of one special quilt that helped create that scrap collection.

Most of Cathy’s quilts are hand quilted but this one was quilted by one of Cathy’s helpers, a professional longarm quilter named Monica Croom.

Doesn’t that yellow just set all those scraps off perfectly?  The squares in the border
are one inch finished and pretty much perfectly pieced.

This one hasn’t yet been quilted but still inspired me.  These stars were 12 - 16 inches (I don’t know exactly) and there was six of them.

This quilt is entirely done with appliqué.  It was not quilted which allowed us a peek at Cathy’s absolutely perfect hand stitches.  What a TREAT!

What a simple quilt to piece with Nine Patch and Quarter Square blocks.  And if that’s not enough to make you say Ohhh then the appliqué border sure will.

Don’t you think Cathy has the scrap thing down?

That’s a WHOLE LOTTA bow ties!

This is a BUNCH of little pieces.  I don’t even keep pieces this small cuz I know I don’t have the patience to work with them.

This one was layered but not yet quilted.  Again… a GREAT use of that easy Nine Patch block.

Cathy is in the process of hand quilting this one.  I don’t know how anybody has the patience to do that!

This little piece was about the size of a place mat.  All those black strips were created by a narrow strip of fabric folded in half lengthwise and sewn in the seam.  They are three dimensional!

And here’s the CROWN JEWEL of the BED TURNING! 
It’s not yet quilted but ya know she’ll hand quilt it.

These are a small sample of the quilts Cathy had piled on her bed.  Are you inspired?

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  1. I am inspired! Someday I will actually sew my scraps together. Thanks for sharing some ideas.