Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Seam To Be On A Roll !

Seems like I'm on a roll with getting UFO's out of the closet and moving towards the DONE pile... Well, roll may be a bit presumptuous.  Roll sounds like I'm really going for it and gaining speed, when in fact I may run out of momentum at any moment.  A couple of days ago I shared a UFO from 2006 that was on the longarm (FINALLY) getting quilted.  Well now I'm down to doing the hand work on the binding.  Since hand work is an evening TV watching activity I decided to work on something else that requires a machine.  So in the closet I went again and dug out another UFO from 2006.

Backing Fabric

 This one, like the last one, is a top that needs a back pieced.  The top is a sampler (of sorts) with blocks that have a black background.  The block design was made using a multitude of scraps.  Not really wanting to go fabric shopping (Yes, you read that statement correctly) I made a visit to the STASH.  I did come out with a hunk of fabric that will serve well as a back on this quilt BUT there was NOT ENOUGH.  Which means I gunna have to do some real piecing!

Scraps From Blocks

 I went through the scrap bucket and came up with some of the same fabrics used on the front plus a few extras.  Since a whole section was going to have to be pieced into the back using all these SCRAPS I may as well make it look PLANNED.  And sewing the label into this section will accomplish that.  

Piecing the Back

 My label making method is to compose the verbiage in a word document and print it out on fabric.  But my printer wasn't on board with that plan.  The printer and I went 5 rounds with the printer CHOKING ON ALL 5 of them so I gave up and began to write it out by hand (something I haven't done in years).  Even this method was a trying one.  With a few words on the fabric my Pigma pen started to run out of ink!  REALLY!  But I persisted and kept going over the letters to darken them until there wasn't another drop of ink left, but a whole lotta words were still left.  So I drug myself out into the Heat Advisory temps and made my way to the closest JoAnn's.  Back home with my new pen I finished the label but the end result was pretty UGLY.  That section that I kept going over with the running out of ink pen, it was BLURRY!  I started over with a new piece of fabric and my new pen.  So my section that looks PLANNED with a label sewn in... took a total of 7 labels before the mission was complete!!!  That right there is dedication to the quilt police rule that says, "LABEL YOUR QUILTS"!

Being Quilted

YES, another 2006 UFO is on the longarm and getting closer to the FINISHED PILE. 

Hopefully the stash closet has something I can use for a binding.

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