Sunday, July 15, 2012

UFO Now in the DONE Pile!

HERE IT IS!  DONE!!  I titled this one, “The Nine Patch Project”.  And here’s its story cuz every quilt has a story and we all love stories… 

It started as a friendship project between members of the Cactus Patchers,  The project began prior to 2003.   I know it began prior to 2003 because that’s when I joined the group and the project was part of history and the person who owned these blocks, Jean Lackey, was no longer a member of the group. 

This is how the friendship project worked.  Each participant would make six inch scrappy nine patch blocks using their own stash.  She would then trade her blocks with the other participants.  Each person would go home with the same number of blocks they made. 

In 2006 Jean came to the Cactus Patchers with news that she was having a sale to GET RID OF all her quilting STUFF.  (I really don’t understand how a person walks away from this craft, but anyway.)  At that sale I acquired her collection of nine patch blocks.

Now, I’m really NOT a nine patch kinda gal.  I do admire them but am not interested in making them.  So I gave these blocks my own TWIST by using them to create a wonky twelve inch block.  I don’t recall how many of these blocks were in Jean’s collection but there were not enough to make a quilt as BIG as I wanted so I made a few extra blocks (the finished quilt has a total of 72 blocks).  A border was also added to finish it off.  By the time I got done ADDING the top was 105 x 114”.  Plenty BIG enough to nicely cover my king size plush pillow top bed.  BUT since the quilt top was completed I have changed beds and no longer have that plush pillow top.  So the FINISHED quilt almost touches the floor on ALL three sides!

Cuz I’m a Quilt Police abiding quilter (sometimes) I did make a label.  I didn’t get fancy cuz my REAL goal was to be done with the project!  It was created in a word doc with a picture of three nine patch blocks imported and verbiage that shares the quilts story, then printed on fabric.  And it’s DONE!

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