Monday, October 7, 2013

Check Out This Haul!

Last month I had the pleasure of participating in this years Maricopa County Independent Quilt Shop Association Shop Hop.  Five of us 'quilty gals' loaded up in a van and spent a couple of days traveling around Maricopa County visiting the 14 shops that were participating in the event.  We got to touch LOTS of fabric and see a notion or 2, or 3, or 4... demo'd in each shop.  And, of course, we all came home with bags of fabric and STUFF.  This is a pic of my haul for the two days.  I was doing stash building so I picked up some solids, some prints that read as solids and a few prints that spoke to me or promised to play well with others.  The first day I was shopping blindly... as in, I had NO IDEA what I wanted or needed to replenish my stash, that's the day I bought the prints.  That evening, once I returned home, I did an inventory of the stash to determine WHAT I should be focused on the next day.  I had almost NO solids and was shy on darks in every bucket.  It's been a couple of weeks since the shopping event hop and I'm just now pulling it all out of the bags.  I think I did okay.  Now on to the washing and ironing phase.  YUCK!  I don't know why I ever started doing this task but how do I stop?  Then I would have pieces that were washed and pieces that weren't.  Wouldn't the Quilt Police take all of my beloved fabric away if they found it in such a state?!
 I did have a GREAT time with the gals but it's a good thing this only happens once a year!