Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let The Cooking Begin

It seemed that today was shopping day for a LOT of people.  Grocery shopping that is.  I headed out with my well thought out list thinking, "This won't be too bad."  Then I entered the parking lot, the FULL parking lot.  My shopping trip suddenly became more time consuming than anticipated.  But I emerged triumphant with everything marked off my list AND my sanity still intact.  Those two bags in the picture that carried everything were so heavy curiousity got the best of my husband so he weighed the heaviest one... 26 pounds!  That's a real stress test.
Now I'm ready to start the baking process.  The really important stuff will be first in the oven. That would be the DESSERTS, iced pumpkin cookies, pumpkin and peach pies.  Then the stuffing, an old family recipe.  You know the kind of recipe I'm talking about... one from back in the days when everything was made from scratch and all the chopping and cutting is done by hand.  We still do it that way, no food processor here!
Hope you enjoy your Turkey and all the family that comes with the day.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

An Evening with KATZ

My last post shared with you my latest fabric purchase.  And this is the finished project.  A little quilt that is just the perfect size for a cat or two to curl up on.  The cats in this print are all watching a movie that appears to be frightening to the group as they all have on their scared cat faces. They are so scared some have their paws covering their eyes while another is hiding her face behind her knitting. And the Kitty Corn is flying everywhere.

And then there's the backside...

Making labels is really FUN.  It's the only way I can remember WHEN I made it! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Recent Trip Through The Fabric Aisles

As you may know I work in a fabric shop a couple of days a week.  It really is more like getting paid to hang out some place where quilters go to have FUN.  The last time they paid me to hang out there I discovered a couple pieces of fabric that spoke to me, so I brought some home with me. :o)  Isn't it FUN !?  It will make the perfect little quilt for my cats who often hang out on the couch with me during the evenings.

Call me CRAZY, but I talk to my cats all the time.  So they do know that this fabric is to be used to make them a quilt.  Here they are laying on my cutting table that is neatly tucked away into the corner.  They may have chosen this spot for todays nap so WHEN I do start on their little quilt they'll be the first to know.  

Friday, November 11, 2011

An Evening With Patty Knochel

For the past 5 or 6 years Patty Knochel has been coming to town during this time of year.  She is much like her sister, Eleanor Burns. Witty, entertaining and quite skilled at the hobby of quilting.  She comes in her van loaded with all kinds of quilting books (the ones her sister writes) and rulers (the kind that goes with all those new patterns in the books).  AND of course, there are always lots of quilts for us to ohhh... and ahhh... over.  She shows us how to sew together all the projects in Eleanors' newest book and which rulers to use to get the job done quick.  She keeps us laughing with all her little sister stories and the adventures she has had since the last time we saw her.  At the end of the evening we all go home with new books and rulers to keep us busy till she comes back next year.  We always look forward to those visits from Patty.