Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So... Have You Tried the Spoon Trick Yet?

In the past few weeks I have bumped into several quilters (also blog readers).  The first topic they want to cover is, "Where have you been?".  Turns out they've missed my blog ramblings. 

WHO KNEW people were actually reading this stuff!

The next topic they want to discus is the spoon trick (unless they haven't tried it!).  Turns out the spoon trick works with everyone's stove, pans and spoons.  It never fails that if the person I'm talking with doesn't bring up the spoon trick it's cuz they haven't tried it.

But I have to share this TIP (or story) with you.  My husband... (he does cook once in awhile) wanted to get in on the spoon trick action.  BUT, he left out one very important part, which would be the WOODEN part.  Let me warn you... DO NOT USE a plastic spoon.  This trick turns a plastic spoon into material for the recycle bucket.  :o)


  1. You're back! I've missed your musings! Welcome back and I must confess that I have not tried the spoon trick yet. I'm going to have to boil some pasta tomorrow for dinner so I can try it.

    1. It's the neatest kitchen trick I know, but that's not saying much. I pretty much gave up cooking real food when I took up quilting and that was so long ago I've forgotten how to get around in the kitchen. That saying, 'use it or lose it' is true!