Saturday, May 18, 2013

Powerball Winner?

Yesterday as my hubby was coming home from work he stopped and bought three quick picks for the POWERBALL.  This is not NORMAL behavior for him, playing POWERBALL.  He does all his gambling in Vegas.  But with the jackpot SO high I guess he couldn't resist. 

He also stopped and picked up take out for dinner (I know... he's a keeper).  So we eat our dinner which included fortune cookies, those are FUN little things.  When I opened my fortune cookie and saw this I really was left speachless!

I'll let ya know if these two little pieces of paper change my life.  :o)

Well, the POWERBALL ticket was NOT a winner, guess I'll have to find something else to Be a Winner at.  Someone in Florida won the Jackpot of $590,000,000 (that's a LOT of $'s).  There were two $1,000,000 winners in Arizona and according to the news guy one of those tickets was purchased only seven miles from my house.  Unfortunately those seven miles are in the opposite direction of where my hubby was traveling from... BUT if he had known where that winning ticket was going to be sold I know he would have driven out of his way to purchase it.  :o)

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