Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spoon Trick

A couple of months ago I received one of those emails that shares a list of tips.  The one that amused me the most stated. "A wooden spoon laid across the top of a pot will keep it from boiling over."  Now, I have been a homemaker for over 40 years (I cooked real food for at least 30 of those years) and I had never heard this one.  So I tried it and it worked!  This pot had pasta in it and I often end up with a mess on the stovetop from the boiling pot overflowing.  But this one did not overflow no matter how long it boiled and how little I babysat it.

I know... kinda stupid to entertain yourelf with a spoon.  What can I say other than simple minds are simply amused.  :o)

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