Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fabric Covered Box

This is my latest creation.  Some gals I sew with saw some fabric covered boxes at an art show and decided we needed to make some for ourselves.  We started with 8 inches round by 4 inches deep boxes made from some sort of cardboard material.  They are inexpensive and sold at most craft type stores.  The boxes my friends saw had a Crazy Quilt block design on the top and they liked it so well decided to make theirs using the same pattern.  I'm not a Crazy Quilt kinda gal so I made my top design using a foundation pieced pineapple block.  I padded the top with 5 layers of batting.  I used fabric scraps from my stash (wooooohoooo.  Love using scraps!)

Here's a view inside the box.  I like the inside of things (especially purses) to be a light color.  My eyes find things much easier on a light surface.  BUT since I was using scraps I did not have any pieces of the lightest fabric to cover the bottom of the box so.... that's why I pieced a 4-patch for the center, then surrounded it with the silver to make it big enough to cover the bottom.  Improvising, isn't that how we sometimes end up with our best designs.

I had never covered a box with fabric before so didn't have a clue where to start.  The worst part about this project is the lid doesn't fit!  It was a tight fit BEFORE I covered it which is the reason I chose this slippery thin fabric.  This was a FUN project but don't see myself ever doing another one.

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