Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Wedding Gift

The husband and I will be attending a wedding this weekend.  The young couple is mid to late 20’s.  We’ve known the groom since his first year of college.  They both have their professional careers well under way and are now ready to build the personal part of their lives.

The event is to be held at the Biltmore in Phoenix.  I’ve personally never been there but I envision it as being pretty fluffy.  They’ve built a website to keep family and friends up to date of all the wedding goings on.  I’m pretty old school but am computer literate and depend on it for a lot of stuff, so this seemed pretty cool to me.  Invitees were to RSVP through the website.  If you were traveling from out of town it informed you that a block of Biltmore rooms were set aside at a discount rate.  The photo album contained hundreds of engagement pictures.  There is a Wedding Party page… that’s blank.  Seems to me that page would be used to introduce or thank the wedding party for being part of their BIG day.  And then there’s the Gift Registry page.  The concept of a gift registry has been around for a long time and I kept checking that page so I could go SHOPPING.  Finally a month or so before the wedding they posted something on the Gift Registry page.  It made me gasp!  They didn’t do a Gift Registry anywhere!  They were requesting GIFT CARDS!  There was a list of 6 places, some physical building others online shopping websites.  I have already admitted that I’m old school, BUT… GIFT CARDS… REALLY?  Being old school I NEVER buy gift cards for anyone, for any occasion.  I know it’s work for them but it takes some of the FUN out it for the rest of us.  I was disappointed.

So, I decided to do what old school people like me do… I made them a quilt!  I was looking for an excuse to try my hand at making a MODERN style quilt AND use up some of my stash so I was able to talk myself into it rather easily.

The pattern I used came from the Fall 2011 magazine “scrap quilts” by Fon’s and Porter but used less modern colors.  The pattern resulted in a much larger rectangle quilt and was suppose to have circles fused on the blocks with the larger size centers.  The finished size of this quilt is 72” square, I thought square was more appropriate for the overall modern feel I was going for.  And I really didn’t want to mess with the fusing stuff so I left off the circles.  Of course, the project took longer than I had anticipated.  I really like the finished result but if I had it to do over I would probably just give them a GIFT CARD.

As I walk away from this project I’m taking with me the consideration to join the new millennium and give more gift cards. 

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  1. Hey turned out great! I love it! I think it's interesting how all the blocks are the same size but some appear larger than others depending on the color combo. That really gives it a lot of movement. You are thoroughly modern Wanda now...modern quilts, gift cards and who knows what else!