Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Christmas Bedrunner DONE!

Another project has made it to the DONE pile!  This one wasn’t a UFO very long but I was determined to have it done by the Holidays.  The July 26 post ‘This Problem I Got…’  shared with you a less than desirable piecing result.  The whole thing had a slight “S” curve to it that was made very evident by those yellow squares that ran down the center.  I spent a considerable amount of time trying to get rid of that “S” and although it is less noticeable than it was, it’s STILL THERE.  This piece ALMOST ended up in the trash!  I convinced myself to spend a few hours quilting it to get a true visual on how BAD it was.  The only thing that saved it from going in the trash was that it wasn’t being made for someone else.  It was only going to live on my bed for maybe a month outta the year.  So here it is, DONE! 

That “S” will probably SCREAM at me every time I walk in the room and see it.  If it drives me too crazy it may end up in the trash after all.

Pattern by: cheri good quilt design  You can find them and their whole line of patterns at www.cherigoodquiltdesigh.com

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