Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm Just Talkin' About... NATURE

Yesterday my day was spent with NATURE, in the form of ANTS.  There were hundreds, if not thousands of the little tenacious crawlers invading my house!  This wild adventure actually started the night before as I crawled into bed I noticed an innocent little ant between the sheets.  Silly me… I thought it got there as a stow away on the cord of my heating pad (is that too much info?)  A nearby window had been open during the day and I rationalized its presence by thinking it had wandered through the window and found its way onto the cord that I then put on the bed.  I mean really, how else could it have gotten there?

The next morning I wandered down the hall towards the coffee and almost reached my destination before I realized my walk, almost the entire length of the house, had been in a trail of ants!  The trail started in the dining room at the cat’s food bowl and it led the colony down the hall to an area rug.  I get the invasion of the food bowl but don’t get the area rug.  ???

So in an attempt to GET RID of them I started with some wet paper towels.  Paper towels… not much of a weapon.  But my thought was, “I’ll just wipe them up.”  Yeah, not so much, there were WAY too many for that tactic.  My next logical thought was, “I need to do a MASS killing!”  Under the kitchen sink there was a bottle of Lysol Disinfectant Spray (now that’s a WOMANS tool).  It worked wonders as I sprayed it on the trail of invaders.   Then those wet paper towels came in handy for the removal of all those little DEAD ants.

It sounds like everything is under control, RIGHT?  But the more I got rid of the more I found!  They were not only in the dining room and down the hall; they were also in the KITCHEN and TWO bedrooms and BOTH bathrooms.  I did switch my paper towels in for Lysol Disinfecting Wipes (I use these things for EVERYTHING).  My thought was the disinfectant (what ever that STUFF is) would kill the pheromones they were leaving behind and they would think the trail was NOT in my house making them go back to where ever they came from.  I learned that without a trail they just run around EVERYWHERE looking for it!  So now most of these guys (or gals) were not as organized as the first invaders cuz they didn’t have the TRAIL thing going on.  Which meant the remainder of my day was spent killing them ONE ant at a time.  ALL DAY long I was KILLING ANTS!  Every time I entered a room I saw little ants running around aimlessly!  At 10:30 last night I was still killing ANTS (in the bathroom)!

This morning… I woke up to the cat (no I’m not changing the subject) on my bed playing with something.  Yep!  It was an ant, running around in my bed!  Once on my feet I saw all her little friends running around in my bedroom and bathroom AND more making their way across the hall into another bedroom!  So, here I go again… Killing ants… ONE little ant at a time…

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