Friday, February 3, 2012

A Day of Charity Sewing

Yesterday was the Peace by Piece Quilters monthly charity quilting bee.  We started the day by presenting the quilt (shown above) to the Mission del Sol Presbyterian Church.  This is the church that so generously allows us to use their space, free of charge, every month for our bees.  The fabrics for this quilt were donated by an unknown donor.  We received the donation with only the very center stitched together and all the remaining fabrics for the top and binding included.  It took the work of several Peace by Piece volunteers to complete the quilt.  The church will use the quilt as a fundraiser to help support their charitable missions.  If you live in the area and would like to purchase opportunity tickets for the quilt it will be displayed at their annual Super Flea Fundraising Sale held on Saturday, February 11 at the church located at 1565 E. Warner Rd in Tempe.  Thanks to the donor who gave up on this project and passed it onto us, all the volunteers who made this pile of fabric into a beautiful quilt, and the members of this church for sharing their space with us.

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