Friday, February 17, 2012

The Cactus Rose

About once a month (if the universes align just right) I spend some time with a few quilty friends.  Yesterday our universes aligned!  The Cactus Rose has been my traveling project for at LEAST 4 years now.  Judy Niemeyer is an awesome designer and I appreciate the finished results of paper piecing. 

There is no doubt that The Cactus Rose is a very eye catching quilt but... I often deviate from the pattern and this project is no exception.  Now, I have seen this quilt (more often as just one block instead of four) and they have ALL been done with Judy's colors.  When I went fabric shopping (not a stash quilt this time) I decided to use a slightly different color scheme.  So, my background is done in navy blues. The flower plumes are done in colors complimentary to blue.

Currently on the design wall

After all these years (and I do hate to admit it has been four!) I have all the background piecing done and ONE plume.  The pattern has SIXTEEN plumes!  Each of those plumes has TWENTY pieces.  For sanities sake, this is one of those times when I'm sticking by my motto, "I don't do math!".

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