Saturday, January 28, 2012

Have You Made a Quilted Symphony Yet?

Have you seen the book titled quilted symphony by Gloria Loughman?  My collection of books is more extensive than I would ever admit but this book really inspired me!  So much that I convinced a friend who has made a few of these to guide me through the process of making one.  We spent a FUN day together working on our creations.  That was two weeks ago and I am now stuck!  If you have this book you may recognize my project as one in the book, except for a few modifications.  I am after all, one of those people that can NEVER make anything as instructed!  Anyway... The top section is giving me problems.  My dilemma is with color.  This is not an area that usually stumps me to the degree this project has.  The blue sky seems to be the perfect piece but in trying several building colors, light, dark and medium shades, nothing seems to be just right.  I have considered changing my sky fabric but no other color allows my YELLOW SUN to pop like this blue.  Of course, at this point it may not be relevant because my sun is MIA.  I think the cat ran off with it.

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  1. If I didn't know your girls, I'd say sure... blame the cat. ha ha I like the blue. I'll stop by sometime this weekend and see if I can help out.