Friday, July 26, 2013

Remember This Quilt?

This is a quilt I made last year.  If you are interested in more info on it you can check it's story out in this POST.
As all quilters know, when ya make a quilt ya also make leftovers (scraps).  The pattern, Tokyo, can be found in the Fons and Porter Easy Quilts Scrap Quilts Fall 2011 magazine. Once the project was complete my leftovers included nine blocks (cuz I made my quilt smaller than the pattern called for).  This quilt was so FUN to make I just had to do something with the leftovers!

So I drug out my graph paper (yes I am one of those kind of people that draws it out first).  I decided I needed to make a few more block and an alternating block to make a nice size quilt.

An easy and quick to assemble alternate block was a must.  I dug through my stash and found a white on white fabric with a polka dot pattern.  But an exhaustive search did not find a coordinating fabric that worked so a trip to the fabric shop was needed (shucks, hehe). The picture above show all the blocks made and displayed on the design wall.  I always take a picture at this point in the process because it helps me see the overall placement for a visually pleasing end result.
Here's the finished quilt!  A dark brown resting strip and the same fabric used in the alternate block tied it all together.  It finished to be 72 inches square.

The back was more difficult than the front.  The best laid plans... I loaded it on the longarm and began quilting.  About half way through the quilting I ran out of backing!  WHAT THE...   Determined to use fabric I already had I made MORE alternating blocks and sewed them together with BIG squares of leftover fabric from the original blocks.  It whole thing looks a little odd but it works.
Since I am faithful to the Rules of the Quilt Police all my quilts have a label.  This quilts label is sewn into the back just like a block.  It reads:

The thirteen colorful blocks on the front of
this quilt were leftover from a quilt made as
a wedding gift for a friend.  The twelve
squares matching the ones on the back of the
quilt were added to the collection to make a
useable size quilt.

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