Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's Embarrassing!

The first KING size quilt I made, way back when I first started quilting over a dozen years ago, had lived on my bed soooo long that it had become faded.  I had made a LOT of quilts but not another kind size one for my bed.   So, I broke down and did an embarrassing thing.... (I am a QUILTER after all!) I bought a quilt from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  That "store bought" quilt lived on my bed until it's edges started to fray!  It was time to do something different.  I dug in my UFO pile and found a KING size quilt top that I had never quilted.  Perfect!  I finished it up and put it on the bed.  I shared a post about finishing it here.  That quilt has been living on my bed since it was finished.  It's a dark quilt and I've been in a BRIGHT mood lately and that's probably why this ad from SteinMart spoke to me. 
They came in MANY colors and a KING size was ONLY $30!  I don't have another king size top in the UFO pile and you can't begin to make a quilt for that price.  So here I went again... off to get a "store bought" quilt.  How embarrassing...
This is the one I came home with:

For me it came down to the ORANGE or GREEN.  The orange one won out because the last "store bought" quilt that lived on my bed was green.

AND... the orange one would go well with the PURPLE and BRIGHT GREEN pillows I already had on hand (past store bought bed products).

What do ya think?  The room has a whole different feel and it only cost me 30 bucks.  Someone once told me that I need to use more PRINTS in my d├ęcor but I never know WHAT print to buy so I play it safe.  As for the cat, Jazz... (my apologies to those that aren't cat lovers) she is always quick to HELP with ANY sort of home improvement task.  I really did try to get a picture without her in it but finally gave up after at least 12 shots. 

So, I'm interested in what you think makes an attractive bed:

Does your bed showcase homemade or 'store bought' stuff? 
I do both but would showoff homemade more if I could get it together to have made more than just TWO king size quilts.

Do you change the bedcovering with the seasons, or just when you get tired of it (or it gets tired and frayed)?
Christmas is the one Holiday beds in my house display a quilt for the season.  Sometimes I'll throw one on the bed that's kinda seasonal, like bright orange for summer.

Do you make your bed everyday?
Huh!  I used to make my bed EVERYDAY.  That was back when I was young and full of energy.  Now I do what my husband calls "making it like a bachelor", I just throw the covers up over the pillows.  It only REALLY gets made when I  know company is coming.

Accent pillows.  What's the perfect amount?
My bed rarely shows off accent pillows.  I tend to lean more towards fewer pillows, I mean really... they spend most of the time stacked up on the floor beside the dresser.

Is your style to have sheets that match the quilt?
The most important thing to me is comfort.  I hate trying to sleep on itchy or rough sheets and I'm kinda fussy about them being clean.


  1. As I am my mother's daughter, I made the one on my bed and finally took off the store bought one and gave it to the cats. I see Jazz likes yours. lol Mine stays on the bed year round but might get changed out for Christmas if I ever get the inclination to make a holiday one. No, we don't make it every day. He actually makes it way more than I do. I have two pillows in shams and had two accent pillows. Those now live on the couch where they still match and get used more often. My sheets match the quilt. Shoot. All of the colors in my room match the quilt. ;)

    1. Yes, you are your mother's daughter. I know your mother well and the only part of your statement that doesn't match her words exactly is the quilt matching the color of the sheets and everything else in the room. That's the O.C.D. (or C.D.O. in your world) part of you. :o)

  2. I have a store bought quilt on my bed :) I keep the same one on until it completely is worn out. The cat helps move the aging process along so I usually need a new one every 2 years.

    I have three states my bed can be found in on any given day. One is not made at all (more frequent than I should admit!). Two is the quilt folded at the bottom, blankets pulled straight (common in the summer!). Three is the "full make", usually only when we have company comin'.

    Two accent pillows are the most my husband can deal with!

    I like when the sheets match, but I'm frugal so I usually buy whatever is on sale regardless of the color so that I can afford nice quality sheets.

    Fun post!

    1. The quilt (handmade or store bought) is NEVER neatly folded at the foot of my bed. I'm an all or nothing bed maker!
      I'm right there with you on the sheet thing, that's why they never match the quilt. Often times the top sheet doesn't even match the bottom sheet! The bottom sheets seem to always wear out first and I can't bring myself to get rid of a top sheet just cuz it doesn't match.