Friday, August 24, 2012

Another UFO Done!

Finished size:  98" x 98"

This quilt top was completed in 2006… THAT WAS 6 YEARS AGO !   Geez, that’s a long time.  Anyway… It’s done now. 

So this one started as a Block of the Month with my AQG quilt group, the Cactus Patchers (I’ve mentioned them before)  

That year I was on the Cactus Patchers Board as the Friendship Group Coordinator.  It was my job to find ongoing projects for members to participant in.  What’s better and easier than a BOM?  Every month I handed out a 12” block pattern that was kinda starry in design (cuz I like star blocks).  Using the pattern each participant made a block (or two in my case) using their own fabrics.  At the end of twelve months we each had our own set of twelve (or more) blocks.  Right there was an UFO for a lot of people!  Pushing forward I began the design phase of creating a quilt large enough for a queen bed.  I soon found that even though I had been the over-achiever and made TWO blocks from each pattern there was just NO WAY they were going to make a queen size top without a little something extra.  Sashing wouldn’t get the job done and I couldn’t bring myself to make twelve more blocks to use as alternates between all those BOM blocks.  So… I made a BIG Feathered Star.  It kinda fits the theme of all those other blocks and I had always wanted to try making a Feathered Star.  Perfect!  Well, at least I thought it was.  I found a Feathered Star pattern in a magazine and got to work.  The snag came once the Feathered Star components were completed and the final assemble of the star began…  They didn’t fit together, the pattern was WRONG.  Grrrr…..  Somehow I got my brain to work through the problem and the star was completed!  From there the top went together pretty quickly.  And… then… it got folded up and placed in the closet where it sat for 6 YEARS.

Quilt back with label sewn in.

Fast forward to 2012 and the time had come to GET IT DONE.  That meant getting a back and a label together.  I shared that adventure with you in a the blog post on July 10 titled “I Seam To Be On A Roll!”.

Pillow Shams

Since there were fabrics left over from the top construction I was able to put a couple of pillow shams together.  Nothing fancy here!  I know myself well enough to know if I planned to make something really cool (like a small Feathered Star in the center of each sham) I would REALLY just be creating ANOTHER UFO instead of pillow shams.


  1. So fun to see this quilt finished! I remember seeing you lay out these blocks, but I didn't remember the feathered star in the middle. It looks fantastic. You should put it in quilt show!

    1. Deciding on a layout that wasn't the norm was a little challenging but FUN. AND developing a BOM project for the group to do was also FUN, I would recommend everyone give it a try!