Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let The Cooking Begin

It seemed that today was shopping day for a LOT of people.  Grocery shopping that is.  I headed out with my well thought out list thinking, "This won't be too bad."  Then I entered the parking lot, the FULL parking lot.  My shopping trip suddenly became more time consuming than anticipated.  But I emerged triumphant with everything marked off my list AND my sanity still intact.  Those two bags in the picture that carried everything were so heavy curiousity got the best of my husband so he weighed the heaviest one... 26 pounds!  That's a real stress test.
Now I'm ready to start the baking process.  The really important stuff will be first in the oven. That would be the DESSERTS, iced pumpkin cookies, pumpkin and peach pies.  Then the stuffing, an old family recipe.  You know the kind of recipe I'm talking about... one from back in the days when everything was made from scratch and all the chopping and cutting is done by hand.  We still do it that way, no food processor here!
Hope you enjoy your Turkey and all the family that comes with the day.

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