Monday, May 7, 2012

Quilted Symphony Update

Today as I stood in front of the design wall gazing at what is currently hanging there (my Quilted Symphony project) waiting so patiently for me to give it life, the thought crossed my mind that I had not shared my progress with the blogging world in awhile.  So here it is.  My Quilted Symphony project has been down off the design wall a few times since my last post about it.  As you can see it is now one piece instead of several little sections.  I've done some surface embellishing with yarns and have some quilting stitches in it.  I'll post some close ups as I get farther along with my progress.  Speaking of progress... I know you are probably thinking, "Enough already! Just finish it!"  I think my creative juices have sat still for so long (it has been 3 or 4 years-so long I've lost track of the time) that I think they appear to just be running at a trickle these days.  I guess it's like that saying I've heard throughout my life, "Use it or lose it."

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