Thursday, May 10, 2012

LongArm Quilting

Yesterday my friend Jane came over and spent the day with me and the longarm.  Jane, being the best Grandma ever, made a patriotic quilt top for each of her 5 grandsons.  Like most quilters I know, Jane is a checkbook quilter and would rather piece a top than do the quilting.  But she is also an adventuresome kinda gal and took me up on the offer to come give the longarm quilting experience a try.  Jane picked a panto with a meandering star design and used blue thread.  They were a perfect match for this quilt top. 

Jane and the longarm played very well together and her quilt top was finished in no time.  We even had a nice leisurely lunch at Tott's Asian Diner around the corner from my house.  We got the quilt squared and ready for binding.  She hoped to get a binding sewn on before her head hit the pillow so she could take it to her R.U.A. Quilter friendship group today and show them that she really is a QUILTER! 

I think Jane may come back (at least four more times) and quilt that pile of patriotic quilts!

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