Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Fabric Has Rusted!

Well here it is!  My rusted fabric.

 This started as a fat quarter of white muslin.  A steel wool pad was the metal I used to grow rust on my fabric.  You know the stuff you do heavy scrubbing with. Does anybody still use this stuff for cleaning?  The steel wool was pulled apart and laid on top of the fabric.  Then a wine bottle was placed in the center and the fabric was pulled up around the bottle.  Copper wire was then wrapped around the fabric covered bottle to hold it in place for the rusting process.

This is also fat quarter size.  Steel wool and a copper wire was sandwiched between two pieces of fabric and then rolled up (like a cigar).  The whole thing was wrapped with wire to hold it together for rusting.

Here are the pieces my rusting friends made.

Created by Alicia.

Created by Alicia.

Created by Cathy.

Created by Jane. 
This piece was not done on muslin like the rest.  Jane used a printed piece of green fabric.
She has a turtle in mind that must become a quilt so her goal was to end up with a perfect piece of turtle fabric.  This one will definitely work for her turtle!
Created by Judy.

Created by Judy.
This was just a scrap of fabric (the teal color is actually Judy's shirt) that turned out beautiful.

Created by LaVon.

Created by LaVon.
This piece is a little different because steel wool was not her rusting material of choice.  Instead LaVon wrapped this piece of fabric around an old horseshoe.  Pretty cool huh.

Everyone was so pleased with the results of this process that they have already started collecting old rusted things to use the next time we rust.

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  1. They turned out really cool! The photographs of those rusted fabrics would make great files for adding digital "texture" to web graphics. Looks like you gals had a great time and got some great results.