Sunday, October 23, 2011

What A Cutie

When my daughter was little she had a wrap dress.  She loved it!  It was like a new kinda toy.  I mean, when you're a little girl learning how to dress yourself, how FUN is it to have a dress with three armholes?  AND you can put it on with the flap in the back OR in the front.  So when I saw this little Mary Go 'Round dress pattern by Patterns by Figgy's it took me back a few years and I had to make one.  This pattern has an extra bonus cuz it's REVERSIBLE!  So it's like having TWO dresses with three armholes.  My daughter would test her ability to get the flap in the front or back... it was kinda like having a babysitter.

Anyway, next spring I am going to be doing a class on how to make this little dress.  It is a FUN easy project for Moms and Grandmas to make.

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