Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Last Stitch Taken

Yesterday evening I finished up this Thanksgiving tableunner.  It is a Briarwood Cottage pattern,  http://www.briarwoodcottage.net/.  It is the November offering of their Calendar Pocket Series.  The series has a themed tablerunner pattern for each month of the year.  This one will be used as a store sample in the quilt shop I work in.  The finished size is SUPPOSED to be 15"x38".  I got the 38 part right but scerwed up on the 15 part.  I contacted the designer on the fact that mine ended up 17" and she straighted me out on the topic.  It was a matter of me quilting like a child and just looking at the pictures instead of actually reading the directions.  Oh well, just me and the designer would know that... except that I just shared it with you.  I don't think anything I make actually ends up like the pattern says it should.

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